Everyone has lived in a town called Nain
We have walked its streets
And inhabited its houses
It is familiar territory

We all know what it is like to carry death on our shoulders
Weeping and wailing at the top of our lungs
Trying to find a way to say good-bye
To things we once cherished
But are now gone forever:
Loved ones, dreams, career paths,
Health, optimism, peace of mind

A crowd gathers around us
Trying to bring us comfort
Through words and casseroles
But we play the part of the widow
And grieve alone

In times such as these
We feel like we are condemned
To walk the streets of Nain for all eternity
Unable to relocate
Unable to move beyond the stench of death

Then, unexpectedly, a hand is placed gently
On the coffins we have constructed
A compassionate word is spoken “Do not weep”

The voice is familiar and unmistakable
It is Emmanuel, God with us
And he calls our funeral processions to come to an end

“I say to you, rise!” Jesus cries out
And, lo and behold,
That which was dead comes back to life:
Hearts are slowly mended, new relationships form,
Healing begins, doors of opportunity open

We cast off our grave clothes
And dress ourselves in resurrection
Miracle and new life

“Surely God has walked among us,” we exclaim
As we awake from our slumber
And walk into the infinite possibilities
Of a brand new day

Copyright ©2016 by David Eck