The Fifth Word “I am thirsty.”

When Jesus uttered the fifth word from the cross, it echoed back to the beginning of his ministry where he taught “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” Jesus was thirsty for more than water. He was thirsty for a world where good news is offered to the poor, and captives are released from whatever or whoever binds them. He was thirsty for a world where our blind spots and dim wits are illuminated, and those who are oppressed experience freedom, perhaps for the first time in their lives. He was thirsty for a world where everyone receives an invitation to come and dine at the Kingdom feast.

These are the kinds of things Jesus was thirsty for. Is our thirst identical to his? OR is our thirst self-serving and self-centered? Is it the kind of thirst that is never quenched but always wants a little more? Is it the kind of thirst that’s all about us and rarely about anyone else?

People are thirsty for all kinds of things in this world. Many of them are not very good for our bodies or our souls. The challenge of this word from the cross is that we thirst in solidarity with our Savior. Can we set aside the “me” that clamors for attention like whining baby, and focus on the “we” that brings opposites together, and builds bridges instead of constructing walls? Jesus, help us to be thirsty for the right things! May our thirst be your thirst. Amen and amen!


Savior of the World, During your time on earth you had an unquenchable thirst for justice and righteousness. Keep us thirsty for these things that we may be fountains of living water to those who need it the most. We ask this in your name. Amen.

Copyright ©2017 by David Eck