The Sixth Word — “It is finished.”

People have a love/hate relationship with being “finished.” But if we’re completely honest with ourselves, it’s a lot of hate and very little love. After having sat through eight glorious Harry Potter films, I didn’t want them to be “finished.” I would gladly go to the multiplex time and time again until we reached Harry, Ron and Hermoine’s adventures in the Hogwart’s Nursing Home for Senile Wizards! Perhaps you feel the same! Endings are difficult, because then comes the ominous question “What’s next?” It’s a question that’s a little bit scary as we stare into the future, not knowing what it will bring.

As Jesus hung on the cross, he said “It is finished.” You may find it comforting to know that the word “finished” in the original Greek means more than “the end,” it also means “complete.” Jesus had completed what he came to do. Everything was as it should be. The truth of the Passion story is that Jesus had to die before he could give birth to something new. The cross had to come before the empty tomb. Death had to make an appearance before new live could emerge.

Perhaps what we learn from this sixth Word from the cross is that endings serve their purpose. We must trust that God always, always, has something else in store for us when our lives are surrounded by death and dead ends. Sometimes we have to be “finished” so that God can birth a new thing in us. Therefore, let’s not be afraid of endings. Let’s embrace them as a part of life and trust that God has something wonderful planned for us on the other side of being “finished.”


Jesus, our Savior and Lord, You bore our sins on the cross and, in death, you placed your spirit in God’s care and keeping. In our final hour, may we have the faith that our souls are also in God’s hands because of the sacrifice you made on our behalf. We ask this in your name. Amen.

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