Sitting at the bedside of my dying father,

I hear God’s promise from the book of Revelation:

“Behold, I make all things new.”


A new heaven. A new earth.

Bodies that never wear out and decay

but are built to last for eternity.

Death will be no more.

Mourning, crying and pain will be no more.


Sign me up for that!

I’ll be the first customer in line.

This promise is the life preserver I cling to

as I watch my father struggle to breathe,

and become agitated and disoriented,

while I am helpless to do anything about it!


Yes, God, make all things new!

Lead my father to the place John envisioned:

the New Jerusalem, the Holy City,

radiant like a very rare jewel,

like jasper, clear as crystal.


Lead him to the place

where no sun or moon are needed

because the glory of God is its light.

May he be bathed in the light of Your presence

and remember the dark times no more.


Lead him to the place

where the river of the water of life

Is bright as crystal,

And flows through the middle of the city.

May he be refreshed by its waters

And find rest for his weary soul.


Lead him to the place

where the leaves of the tree of life

are for the healing of the nations.

May his suffering be alleviated

and his broken spirit be made whole.


You told John these words

are trustworthy and true.

I’m counting on it as I drag my feet

through this valley of the shadow of death.


Abba, into your hands,

I comment my father’s spirit. Amen.

by David Eck, Copyright ©2017